Invoking the spirit of the ancient Camberwell Fair and its promise of "Rare doings in Camberwell", The Chutney Preserves invite you to come and play with us at The Puppet Games.
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the puppet games

Marionettes compete in rhythmic gymnastics, the obstacle race and a final surprise showdown to be judged by esteemed Chutney judges (susceptible to bribes and blackmail)
Side-shows feature puppets of all persuasions.
Unsporting interactions will be offered.
Musical interludes. Unwrong Quizz with prizes for all. Make your own puppet contender at a free workshop!
All under canvas, leafy boughs and the azure sky.
You may bring your own water and steroids and picnic on the Green.

Linda Barck, Jude Cowan Montague,
Sarah Doyle, Rebecca Feiner, Jo Harrison,
Miyuki Kasahara, Tim Flitcroft,
Calum F. Kerr, Joanna McCormick ,
Frog Morris & Mark Dean Quinn,
Phillip Raymond Goodman, Olivia-jane Ransley, Libby Shearon,
Sarah Sparkes, Jacqueline Utley,
A Goat and others

Judges: Jo David, Rachael House, Marq Kearey

Sponsored by Camberwell Arts and Space Station Sixty Five

Frog Morris and Mark Dean Quinn
Prepare to put your creative agility to the test. The UnWrong Quiz is the quiz with no right or wrong answers.

Rebecca Feiner
For the infamous Chutney 2012 Puppet Games, closing ceremony of Camberwell Arts Festival, artist Rebecca Feiner poses the question, who pulls the strings?
She rejects the idea that we are mere puppets of the financial systems of the western world, with their logo driven games that make sport of us all.
Feiner gives a response that will inflame you to cut loose and break free .

Miyjki Kasahara
My puppet will be called 'Nadia' and she is a Rokurokubi* yōkai (supernatural figure/monster).

Joanna McCormick and Nick Baxter
Nick Baxter and I will be making a paralympic gold champion wheelchair puppet out of old bicycle wheels, newspaper, parcel tape, string and gold leaf.

Calum F. Kerr
First there wuz Babee-Franke now there is 'Granpaw Frank E.', over hunert and fifty years old he was to compete in the rodeo dressage at the first modern olympics in 1896.

Phillip Raymond Goodman
'you saunter up to Camberwell green, a spring in your step, you see in the distance "oh wow a giant chess board, i've allways wanted to try on of those" but as you get closer you see something is amiss, no kings, no queens, no bishops, rooks, horsies, or pawns "what's going on here" you ask.

Linda Barck, Libby Shearon, Sarah Sparkes and Jacqueline Utley
make your own "elite athlete" at Barcks and Sparkes puppet camp. No previous puppet making or sporting experience necessary!

Jude Cowan- Montague
Jude will improvise on Reuters news stories about the Olympic Games using electronica

Tim Flitcroft
P Sterling, (AKA Zombie Banker) a paralympic competitor, will be bouncing and staggering around in pursuit of Olympic excellence.

Sarah Doyle
I am making a South London green dancing parrot puppet. Feral parrots have been recorded in London since 1855. There are however rumors that the parrots of South London are descended from birds Jimi Hendrix released in the 60s.

Jo Harrison
Synchronised swimming being probably the most aesthetically pleasing Olympic event has prompted me to opt for a puppet activity of a soggy nature.

Olivia-jane Ransley
In the spirit of what we English do well, morning Jeremy Kyle watching, sitting in the cold smoking area, last pint before time is called, microwave meals and voting apathy I bring you Nick O'Tene the Tortoise.