Workers' Educational Association London, in association with Clapham Picturehouse. At Clapham Picturehouse May 9th, 6pm.

Hanna (Joe Wright) with post film discussion with your host John Riley.

The new action/fairy tale/thriller from director Joe Wright; whose two previous feature films were the period pieces Pride and Prejudice and Atonement.

Show Your Shorts

3 works by film maker Rebecca Feiner. Rebecca will be in conversation with Film Club host John Riley.

The story of one man and the lengths he'll go to fit in. Told through his relationship with his mirror, we see him try to re-invent himself to the demands of society.

Exhumation (Rebecca Feiner)
'the only ghosts that haunt are the ones we carry with us' To survive and preserve our identity we suppress memories and choose to forget". Exhumation explores memory & the ghost of violence. Exhumation is the first film where the artist has chosen to place herself as perform. Originally screened in 2009 as the main installation for GHOST II, an annual exhibition in London curated by Dr Ricarda Vidal & Sarah Sparkes.

Skin-Code (Rebecca Feiner)
Reversing the camera's traditional gaze, Skin-code gets up close and personal, exploring masculinity, body as landscape and the notion of a male muse. Premiered at the Cannes film festival 2003 as part of the centenary of the cinema, in an unsual DIY cinema for one - a wardrobe:

Spirit of the Wick (Rebecca Feiner)
Capturing the spirit of the area through the annual arts festival Hackney Wicked, contradicting glossy propaganda promises of Olympic regeneration. The festival is organised by the artistic enclave living and working in the shadow of London's 2012 Olympics site, whose high security walls and infamous "blue gates" have sliced Hackney Wick in half. Premiered on 23 July 2010 as part of Spirit of the Wick, a festival of 31 short films, installations and sculpture curated an old converted wine warehouse on Fish Island, Hackney Wick, London.