St John on Bethnal Green brings together four artists under the theme 'Pilgrimage – Walking to Heaven'
walking to heaven

Rebecca Feiner's 'If dreams reflect the past, hope summons the future' is her interfaith and secular response to Jerusalem's Wailing Wall and ''Incorporeal Consciousness' depicts a celebration of spirituality without boundaries.

Pauline Thomas' piece 'Devotional Journeys' weaves together the flight of birds through different religious texts.

May Ayres' powerful ceramic sculptures 'Winning Hearts and Minds' and 'Proconsul' ask the visitor to walk with victims of empire, unnamed and unknown.

Arabella Lee's 'Unhallowed', are projected images, which tell of children's burial grounds in a specific landscape in Ireland, unmarked but for a few stones.

02 August - 06 September

St John on Bethnal Green is a grade one-listed church designed by Sir John Soane and opened in 1828. The church owns and permanently exhibits Chris Gollon's '14 Stations of the Cross', commissioned in 2000 and installed in 2009. St John's regularly holds exhibitions, music events and film screenings. The Belfry hosts contemporary art exhibitions and is a free gallery space allowing artists to respond to the architecture and ambience of its location, within the context of the building, the local community and geography.

200 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA
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