It's a long time ago, but even back then this play was a bit of an apparition. It came about only because a dear friend was looking to direct a small-scale drama.
under my skin
Every time he considered a play I was dismissive of its drawing room format and politics. Basically he got so frustrated with my response he told me, "You bloody write one then". Fair enough. What he didn't realise, is a lack of knowledge only makes me fearless, so I happily rose to the challenge.

To me it was all about 'having a go' rather than achieving perfection; so 'Under my Skin' was born.


I guess what I didn't know about stagecraft I made up for in energy and rawness. Experience has taught me not to let something-literary go into production on a first draft ! but I confess, excitement got the better of me. It was an insane experience, inventing characters and letting them run round my head speaking to each other.


Even more strange and freaky to see two actors become the visualisation of these words. Seeing the whole thing come to life in front of an audience was an incredibly rich experience. I recommend having a go to anyone.