Ummm... what can I say?

There was a disused Bank in the heart of Shoreditch that had a makeshift bar with temporary beer taps (the sort you get at bad school jumble sales), a battered grand piano that belonged to someone's mum, a semblance of a PA and a set of decks and no heating.
viva iguana
Other delights included the dodgy bogs and a decor that was more reminiscent of a Kreutzberg squat than the creeping designer chic that was becoming identified with the little narrow streets surrounding it.

Well what would you do? To me it was too much of a gem to pass up. It's a rare thing to find in London, a raw space to make things happen in. So that's more or less how I ended up co-promoter of VIVA IGUANA, a regular Sunday slot of 'Iguanativity'.


VIVA IGUANA was essentially a series of intermittent happenings and performances. From Argentine dancers; Macedonian musicians, and a host of other musicians ranging from jazz, acoustic, soul and ambient floatscapes, a Russian Afternoon, and the launching of MadPride. As well as regular DJs spinning everything from Sun Ra, Stravinsky, Isaac Hayes, Scratch Perry, Howling Wolf Mo Wax to world and movie music. Board games, budget priced veggie food, surrealist raffles, Sunday papers and permanent interchanging art shows.